Tips for Saving Energy During the Winter and Fall

Every household in the country consumes an average of $1411 per year on heating and cooling. This is a high value and if you are not careful, you can end up spending even more. However you can reduce this expenditure, even the months that you use electricity more, the winter and fall. Therefore, when you want to learn more about the tips for reducing electricity use during the winter and fall, then you will want to read more on this website.

You will want to seal your attic when you want to reduce your power consumption during the winter and fall. One of the ways you lose more heat is through your attic. From the attic alone, you will lose about 25 percent of the home power. If you reinsulate your attic, you will help reduce the heat loss, and also spend less. You can then reinsulate the winter and fall in the free time you have during the weekend. The amount you will spend to reinsulate the attic will not be as much as compared to savings you will get afterward.

The other consideration you will have in mind is resealing the doors and windows. Sometimes, you may have full heat blast but some parts of the house will be colder than the others. Poorly sealed windows and doors can be one of the reasons for the colder parts of the room. Sometimes, the sealant you use on your doors and windows have loose. Exposure of the sealant to too much moisture, or being old can be some of the reasons that will lead to its malfunction. If you put your hands still in front of a sill of a window for some seconds, you will check the airflow. By holding a candle still close to a window will be a way to test if there are vents. Also, you can place a burning candle close to the window or door where you suspect that there is a vent, and if so, you will see movements on the flame.

If you want to reduce power consumption during the winter and fall, you will also want to maintain the heating system. If you can’t remember the last time you maintained the heating system, then it is a perfect time that you do so. It is there a high time you hire a heating company to ensure that your heating system is properly functioning. Before hiring a heating company, you can perform some tricks on your heating system. You will want to check if there are cracks in the pipes and dust heating vents.